We look up to the Light and reach out in faith


Spots of Sunlight

The light of Christ brightens our lives.  To hear how that is happening in our faith community, here are thoughts shared by a number of our Christian disciples.

“Welcome to First Reformed UCC. Come to be inspired by the sermons, the music, and even the children’s moment. The fellowship and food is good also.”  –Jane

“I am nourished in spirit every time I enter this church. It could be compared to taking a double dose of “spirit” vitamins. I feel the warmth of love, of joy, and friendship from the people within. I leave the church inspired to reach out and share the joy of knowing my Lord and Savior.”

“Our church is a caring family. It has given me love and support in times of trouble and times of joy”  -Judy

“Our youth program gives hope for a promising future here at First Reformed.”

“When life becomes too hard to handle or is just always pushing me down, I always feel a sense of relief when I come to church. Pastor Janna is the perfect smiling face that helps to lift my spirit. The church family is always the best to heal a soul.”  –Amanda

“We knew this was our church home – First Reformed nourishes our souls through the love of church family, the music, and the fellowship.”  –Marily

“Seeking to serve throughout our community with our soup kitchen and Lenten meals is one way of showing Christian love.”

“I am nourished through Pastor’s sermons (which are wonderful) and close association with the pastor, Lenten suppers, reading of scriptures, children’s sermons, and wonderful music. I am inspired by efforts of the pastor to build up the church, willingness of members to volunteer for projects and help finance special events.”

“It is my family in that I was baptized, confirmed, and married here. My children and grandchildren were baptized here, my sister was married here three times. My grandfather, grandmother, mother, two aunts, and cousins belonged here, sang in the choir with Sis and me, and attended funerals for Grandpa and Grandma Engle, my mother Phyllis, my dad Orville, and Aunt Martha Sweetser.

I feel at home with this congregation and have been supported my whole life by its members, pastors, and friends. Grandpa served as a lay leader and inspired me to do the same even though he died when I was in sixth grade. The family has served on consistory, as Sunday School teachers, and on many committees throughout the years.

This is my church home and family and I invite anyone to come and join us. Please look me up in the congregation and say, “Hello.” I’ll be glad to meet you and welcome you to my family and home.”  –Bill