Liturgical Ministries


Lector Ministry

Lectors will proclaim the Word of God at worship and special liturgies.

Ushers Ministry

Ushers greet worshippers as they arrive, assist worshippers as needed before, during and after worship. They also handle the Offertory collections ritual during the worship service.

Communion Ministry

Assist pastor with communion by preparing the elements and cleaning up after communion.

communion 2

Altar Guild Ministry

Responsible for changing altar cloths and other paraments for each liturgical season, taking flowers to the altar, and stewardship of the acolyte robes, candle lighters and candles.
altar wide

Acolyte Ministry

paschal candle with candles

Wedding Ministry

Assists the pastor in the coordination of the wedding preparations and premarital conversations with couples regarding their wedding plans. Assists the pastor the day of the wedding.

wedding rings

Funeral/Memorial Service and Reception Ministry

Assists the pastor with coordinating the funeral/memorial service. If desired by the family, coordinates a luncheon at the church.


Worship Ministry

The worship ministry’s purpose is to study, reflect, and plan for ever-deepening worship experiences at our church. The focus is on major holy days and seasons such as Advent, Lent, Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.