Lynn Schmoyer

I would like to introduce myself. I grew up on a dairy farm in Western Penna. I attended Salem College in West Virginia earning a degree in Christian Education. I was able to join my husband, Bob, while he was in the service stationed in Germany. While there I worked for the military serving as Christian Education Director for two churches. Upon returning to the states, I began working at the Selinsgrove Center as a program manager. I received a Master Degree from Bloomsburg University in 2018. While a member of the Methodist Church I was the Director of Nurture and Volunteers for fifteen years. Bob and I joined the United Church of Christ several years ago; I became a licensed minister last year.

Bob and I have been married for 53 years; and we have two sons and three grandchildren.

I believe the Holy Spirit has been working in me throughout my life. Someone asked his pastor this question. “How do you know the Holy Spirit is with you? He replied, “You will want to pass it on.” I also have the desire to pass the “good news” to others. I want my life to count for something. I want my life to count for Jesus.